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Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is a new, amazing product in the flooring industry. It fits virtually every need and application for carpet due that one may it’s comprehensive assortment of benefits. Mohawk Smartstrand is made from  Marana AZ mohawk carpets  Dupont’s new Sorona polymer and the carpet fiber used so make the carpet is a new classification of yarn called Triexta. This may seem a little technical, but trust myself, you will be hearing a lot about these terms in the upcoming future. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is gaining a lot concerning steam in the market for good reason. It may very well change how we find that concerning carpet going forward. The vast array of benefits of SmartStrand are stunning. I have listed these below to give an idea of how amazing this new product really is.

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Eco – Green Friendly

SmartStrand carpet is made from approximately 37 % Dupont Sorona. Sorona is a polymer that is derived from corn sugar. It is pretty unique that carpet can certainly be generally manufactured from such a renewable resource. Sustainability is a key ingredient when looking at a floor that is Eco friendly. Mohawk Smartstrand carpet not only uses this new Eco fiber, but the fiber itself requires less energy to manufacture as very well as produces less greenhouse emissions such some other yarns and fibers. The design even uses gasses from a landfill to produce the energy need to produce the new backing material used in SmartStrand.


apps google really is a soft as advertised. Some carpet yarns can have a scratchy feeling when rubbed. SmartStrand concerning the different hand has a smooth, silky feel but without a residue effect. It is not soft just because of a chemical application, it’s soft because  the  Marana AZ mohawk carpets  polymer used to make it is inherently soft.


Mohawk has designed the fiber, Treixta, used in SmartStrand, so as to be more durable than most other yarns and plainly at the time that strong or stronger than typical nylons. On the days gone by, Nylon and Nylon hybrids were considered the most effective wearing carpet yarns. Smartstrand has changed the game and is now considered one of the greatest wearing carpets available on the promote.


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Stain Resistance

Stain resistance in put together in to the carpet and yarn. The polymer used to make SmartStrand has unique properties that don’t allow stains to permeate the yarn. Lifetime stain resistance is offered on SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk.


Warranties on Mohawk SmartStrand are exceptional. Lifetime Stain Resistance, Lifetime Anti-Static  Marana AZ mohawk carpets, 15-year Soil Resistance, 15-year Texture Retention, 15-year Abrasive Wear, and 15-year Fade Resistance.

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