Roaming the world with the ‘Carnival of Cities’

The latest Carnival of Cities has a little bit of everything that makes up a city – some food, some sports, some travel, some architecture, some business – and unfortunately some tragedy.

Check out what’s makes these cities hum…

Food first

Check out the Malasartes Cafe at Buenos Aires Argentina Guide.

Discover a place Falando pelos Cotovelos – “Designed For A Geek Family” – The Orchard Gardens Tea House at A geek Family.

Learn how Laura Young got to cook in Charlie Trotter’s famous restaurant in Chicago in her post The Path is Made by Walking: What Charlie Trotter Taught Me About Life at Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life.

Take a Buda Baby presents A Trip to the Market in Budapest with local Buda Baby. A central market loved by both tourists and locals, it’s a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, dairy products, baked goods, lunch stands, souvenirs, and more.


With theThe Traveling Man and read about the Yankee Salesman in North West Arkansas

Visit The Seattle Traveler and discover the Grand Clouee Dam Up the River.

The The DC Traveler – Washington DC travel & tourism information shows how to Tour DC in Style…Segway Style!


Participate in Argentine Soccer – Watching El Superclasico with La Barra Brava with the Argentina’s Travel Guide.

Architecture and Education

Wander around the University of New South Wales with a post called Trypt by

Learn how New research reveals some new ways to buy happiness, sort of at the Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk.


Go back in time to the The NYC Blackout Of 1977 with the New York City Blog.


Find out about Business In Minneapolis with Write To Right Your Business Opportunity.

Learn about the China-Mauritius cooperation – another milestone with Alfa King Memories.

Current Events

Renata Vincoletto writes about the recent Sao Paulo air crash tragedy in a Chronology of an Announced Tragedy posted at Falando pelos Cotovelos.